Besides your experience and your updated+competitive CV and motivation letter, as a job seeker willing to get a job, you need to have skills for "selling youself" to your future employer as well.

The final outcome of a job application mostly depends on the success of the job interview. But to give your utmost best performance - it is not as easy as it looks. It's a real advantage if you are prepared by an expert for this.

When preparing for the interview, we will go through all the interview types, the phases of the interview, the most frequent interview questions and the typical interview techniques that help you apply for the position with success. During our meeting we will talk about other essential elements of the interview, eg. dress code, communication, body language.

We will also help you to emphasize your strengths and make up for your minor weaknesses. During consulting, we will also look through your application documents (CV, motivation letter) and suggest you to do some changes, if needed.

We recommend this service for those who have less experience with interview situations, or do not find a job for a long time and are on the verge of questioning their own skills.

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