Employee leasing is best to choose when the company's workforce need is always changing because of seasonal or project-based types of work, if the company intends to minimize the risks and expenses of recruitment, or there is a hiring freeze in effect.

According to this form of employment, the employees are not employed by our Partner, but working for them according to the conditions stipulated in the leasing contract, for which our Partner pays a fee. This type of employment makes it possible for our Partner to have more workforce in its organization without bearing the expenses of recruitment, selection, joining, leaving, plus that of the administrative burdens (payroll, cafeteria, transfers, etc.).


We place a great emphasis on selecting "external" people who can play an integrated role and become a valuable member of our Partner's organisation.

According to our experience, we need to aim for their real integration, because this is the key to high-level performance and low-level fluctuation. We follow a dedicated search&select process for all positions, where beyond learning about the applicants' personal skills and motivations, we introduce them to our Partner's values and company culture. We support them in joining our Partner, we do our best to ease their integration in order to make sure that you, our Partner, get happy and satisfied colleagues.


Checking needs, consuting if needed, during which we get to know our Partner's expectations and the competences related to the job itself.
We recruit, filter our database, place ads, prefilter the incoming CVs and do dedicated searches.
Over the course of the selection phase, we analyse the resumes and motivation letters, do the interviews and test the applicants.
We take on all administrative tasks related to employee leasing (complete work administration, payroll, social security, accomodation and organizing the travel if needed).