We are able to find relevant applicants from beginner through medior to senior level .


Assessing your needs is through a personal meeting where we learn not only the details of the position (requirements regarding professional background, language skills, education) but your expectations regarding the soft skills as well.

Upon the results of the assessment of your needs, we put together a professional job advertisement that we advertise on job hunting websites and we do dedicated seraches on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook). When searching, we activate our professional network as well, we ask for recommendations and we make our Partner and the position visible at job fairs and professional events. Above all these, we do a detailed search in our own and the country's biggest and updated CV database. We do the interviews with the shortlisted applicants, introduce them to your company and the job you offer and ask an updated CV from them. This way we only forward you the relevant applications.

We consider our job done if our Partner can onboard the right number and quality of applicants. Our service includes guarantee as well, meaning if the person taken proves to be inappropriate during the trial period or leaves our Partner upon his own decision, we present you a new applicant meeting your requirements once again, for free.

The strength that lies in this recruitment service is that we only meet people who have the proven record of skills stipulated in your job description, and they get interested in the position through us. The majority of job seekers are waiting inactively that a new career opportunity would find them. This service of ours can make a way to these people as well.

With this service we also do a sort of branding for our Partner - since we not only promote the job but the company, too. We present your company to the potential applicant and much more. This way we promote not only the job in question, but why it is a good choice to work in your organisaton and what your othe vacancies are. Thus you may get new applications in an indirect way.

Our service is based on a success fee, meaning we only send you the invoice if the new colleague is onboard.