Complete design of projects

  • Assignment measurable project goals: Determine the triple target system for results, period of times and deadlines
  • Stakeholder assessment: identify, involve and inform stakeholders in the project, person with active influence
  • Establishment of a project organization: precise evolving of a project organization, definition of roles within a project, taking into account that responsibilities and competences are in line with each other and the responsibilities, duties and rights of each roles are reconciled
  • Detailed task and resource planning: targeting, activity and result-oriented breakdown of project tasks, exploring, structuring, assigning responsibility, and assigning resources to the implementation of these elements
  • Selection and contracting of suppliers and partners: selection of the most competent supplier on the basis of predefined system of rules to implement project objectives and business requirements, contract management

Innovative and stable support tool system, revenue generating solutions

What we can help:

  • Creation of conscious IT-architecture management along appropriate policies, enabling the entire IT infrastructure to be transparent and planned, and related resource planning and change tracking can be optimized.
  • Determine IT services with business needs and accurate knowledge of the users, improve service quality and reduce related costs.
  • Select and implement the most effective IT system for business purposes.
  • Testing is well designed and predictable, progress can be verified and the result is structured and measurable.
  • Ensuring that projects are materialized according to business needs.