Cloud services

Consultancy for Cloud Transformation

  • Assessment of current infrastructure for Cloud Transformation
  • Cloud Transformation planning
  • Cloud cost evaluation

Cloud Architecture

  • Best practice cloud architecture in order to benefit of high availability and elasticity
  • Security in the cloud
  • Hybrid cloud best practice
  • Cost optimization
  • Resource usage optimization

DevOps Services

  • Present and promote DevOps Culture inside organization
  • Assessment of workflow in order to achieve DevOps as fast as possible
  • Implementation of CI/CD where possible and needed
  • Cloud Infrastructure as Code
  • Infrastructure configuration management
  • Consultancy to dev teams in order to have apps cloud ready

DevOps Education

  • 1-6-month practice-oriented training
  • Professional experience within a short timeframe
  • Training program is based on the concrete needs of the Partner company
  • Guaranteed job opportunity
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