ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

The enterprise resourse planning is a set of hardware and software tools that enable individuals, activities and functions to perform coordinated and ongoing procurement, processing, storage and provision of information about corporate environment, internal operations and corporate environment transactions.

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SAP is the world’s industry-leading IT information system, providing proven, sustainable business growth for more than 183,000 customers worldwide, proven in almost all industries. In accordance with both Hungarian and EU law, it ensures the accounting of the economic and budgetary institutions of the financial institutions.

The introduction of SAP is a complex task, requiring expertise and customer knowledge. In addition to the knowledge of the system, it is necessary to understand the customer’s business processes and industry specificities. Our specialists always carry out a preliminary survey and audit, where they assess the company’s operations and processes. With this in mind, we will jointly develop an appropriate solution based on the real needs and needs of the business. The system is basically suitable for rapid introduction and PDT’s experts are familiar with SAP experience with their experience and expertise.

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SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an integrated enterprise management (ERP) solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses and large enterprise branches. SAP Business One provides a single system for accessing real-time business data to address all aspects of your business. The application consists of several modules, each covering various business functions.

SAP Business One is a flexible and expandable solution. On-site or on-demand applications provide standard interfaces for internal and external data sources, mobile devices, and various analytical tools.

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The SAP HANA – The fastest growing wave of SAP memory-based database technology

In business, nobody is questioning the vitality of information today. Companies are aiming for the widest possible amount of data, but their volume becomes a hindering factor after a while, their storage and processing is difficult, so often the models are simplified or the range of data used is narrowed down. Thereby, the analytical environment is separated from the operational applications, resulting in a significant time difference between data collection and data analysis. They all make predictions, planning or data analysis inaccurate.

The SAP In-Memory Appliance (SAP HANA ™) software is a flexible, multifunctional, data-independent memory-based device that combines SAP software components optimized and delivered with SAP’s leading hardware partners.
SAP HANA provides direct access to operational data without affecting the operation of the SAP ERP application or any other operational software. Allows companies to analyze their operations in real-time based on extensive detailed information (all transaction and analytics data). The information needed for analysis can be quickly and flexibly displayed, and external data can be included. SAP HANA works with purely virtual models, so changing them is quick and easy, in addition to receiving any data, and its web-based modeling environment enhances the autonomy of business users.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a new generation of business applications that provide full digitalization. Dynamics 365 combines the benefits of CRM, ERP, and Office 365 in an application, thereby synchronize areas of sales, customer service, service, operation, financial, marketing, and project management.

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Oracle  Ebusiness Suite

The elements of Oracle E-business Suite offer a business solution that supports financial, B2B, project management, human resource management, and customer relationships with the most up-to-date processes available on the market and elaborations. The Oracle Data Warehouse toolkit contains everything that enables enterprise data to be transformed into a strategic resource by Business Intelligence, which can be used in enterprise decision processes. Oracle E-Business Suite is a major breakthrough in functionality:

  • this is the first and only integrated e-business application suite that combines all products into a single global database;
  • the product is integrated at data level, enabling a seamless connection between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications;
  • offers choices for customers in the field of installation – it is also available as a modular design and detailed solution; can be operated either in the in-house fully integrated suite of the customer’s premises or as a managed online service from
  • utilizing Oracle’s open source architecture and APIs, it can be integrated with other software, whether custom-made, traditional or third-party software.

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